Saturday, 5 May 2018

SSU Podcast: Series 2 Episode 4 - Tracks with Homegrownalwaysbest

This one's a little late in coming - apologies to those waiting! This month, Jonny and Scuba are joined by local promoter Donna Boyd (Homegrownalwaysbest), who picks out some of her favourite tracks. We also promote Lumo's event (which has now already passed...), but we do also chat battle rap developments, Jonny's interview with Solareye and Gasp's new album among other things.


Werd - Drive, Gasp - Poppy, Mog - Saving Grace, Steg G & The Freestyle Master Ft Madhat & Shifty Presidents - The 99 Percent, Respek BA - Pick Your Poison, Solareye - Raindropsbrainbox, Loki - LIT, Lamy - Rock a Beat, Cauld Cauldron - Hate It With A Passion, Spee Six Nine - Words, Spring Break - Degenerative Eloquence, Brian Jamieson - Fear Of The Loan Shark (Featuring Lauren Gilmour)