Monday, 29 January 2018

SSU Podcast: Series 2 Episode 2 - Our Favourite Albums of 2017

In the second podcast of the new series, Jonny and Scuba look back on 2017. What were the best Scottish hip hop albums of the year? What were the best international albums of the year? And what would we like to see happen in 2018?

We also check out new tracks from Kid Robotik, Mackenzie, Tap End's Finest, Spawn Zero, Terryblingz and Princyboii, Sci-Fi Stu, Spee Six Nine, Profisee & STS, Werd and Mistah Bohze.

As a wee addendum, Scuba also caught up with battle rap extraordinaire Ryza this week to discuss the Highland Battle League's first event. Enjoy.