Monday, 28 August 2017

Introducing... Urban Scot Magazine - Autumn 2017

Scotland Stand Up editor Jonathan Rimmer is happy to unveil an exciting new project: Urban Scot Magazine, a 16-page print style publication with a range of articles on Scottish hip hop music and culture. The magazine contains a mix of credited articles published by the likes of the Sunday Herald, The Scotsman, Bella Caledonia and others, content published on Scotland Stand Up and original content for the mag. Pieces include:

  • An interview with Griogair, architect of the world's first Scottish Gaelic rap album
  • A long read with Loki on his new album 'Trigger Warning'
  • Graffiti artists calling for a legal space to operate in Glasgow
  • A look at how breaking is changing the lives of young people
  • A chat with folk-rap artists about playing Oban Live Festival in the summer
  • Multiple album reviews and live reviews with contributions from Hannah Westwater and Stephen Butchard. 
The publication was produced, designed and edited by Jonathan for academic purposes, but he is interested in working on and possibly distributing future editions. Anyone interested in working on such a project can get in touch at All articles published elsewhere have been credited as such and images have been credited with permission or used under the guidelines of creative commons. No income is being derived from this project. (The publication is also not associated with events promoter who went by the Urbanscot pseudonym. This wasn't intended! Shout out to Chris McDougall).

With that all said, read in full below: