Monday, 11 April 2016

SSU Music Podcast (April 2016)

April's podcast is here and we have a BIG announcement about the future of SSU that's worth listening in for. In this episode Scuba runs through the gig listings, Jonny talks about the Breaking the Barrier final and talks a little about upcoming albums he'll be reviewing. There's also some talk about the merits of trap production (as per usual). 

We also break down tunes from Blasfima Sinna, Terry Bling & Princy Boii, Shogun, Sound Thief, Werd & Yah. There's also a cheeky wee play of the new Supa & The Kryptonites single.

Another wee FYI: Jonny's man flu graduated to all-out virus attack so sounds even more breathless and asthmatic than usual on this podcast. We've cut most his coughing fits in the edit, though.