Friday, 5 February 2016

Feb 16 - Soundcloud Goodies (Jazz Spastiks, Bunty Beats, Bare Jokez, Gasp & Max Scyther)

Y'all know what it is: Jonny and Scuba review new tracks released over the past month. If you want to bring a track to our attention, pop it over to and we'll be sure to include it here/on the podcast. We try to cover as many new tracks as possible but there's inevitably some we miss.

Scuba: Dope beatmaker outfit here so gotta show support for those guys. Jazz Spastiks  concentrate more on the boom bap side of things. This is a nice track with top notch sounds and Sleep Sinatra definitely suits the beat.

Jonny: I tend to forget about the Jazz Spastiks, which is annoying because I really dig their stuff. This is a really dope throwback beat - reminds me of Damu the Fudgemunk or somebody like that. It's great production: the way it dips in and out, how they chop up that melody and throwing in some vocal samples. Oh, and that ride cymbal, dayam!

Sleep Sinatra is nice with it and flows well, but he doesn't really capture my attention too much.

Scuba: Bunty makes stomping Boom Bap beats always with heavy aggression. Chox Mak for some reason doesn't stick out much in this track, A lot of lazy writing and real easy bars here.

Jonny: I quite liked Chox, actually. He has a Nas-esque delivery and some nice flows - leaves me nodding along anyway. As for Bunty, this beat is really raw and live sounding but I don't think it fits Chox' style. From a Scottish perspective, I'd prefer to hear someone like Louie go to town on this.

Scuba: The beat is an absolute stomper. Jokez has the aggression in his voice needed to kick this off, but the simple rhymes and off-beat stumbles mess up his flow at times. Rb has a nice flow but suffers with not really saying a lot. As for Ransom, again I feel the same way. A nice heavy beat with lyrics that are somewhat wasted.

Jonny: God, that opening piano is cheesy (not that I don't like cheesy), but then the track kicks into gear a bit. Jokez has got a typically grimey London flow, but RB isn't clean with the syllabics (ironic since he talks about 'riding the rhythm').

I dig Ransom's style but he doesn't get to show it off much here. I swear his features tend to be quite short.

Scuba: Atmospheric and tonal beat here. Gasp is, as ever, a really accomplished storyteller.  The vocals are drowned out at points by those noisy spin-backs, but that doesn't take away from the vibes too much. 

Jonny: It's an A$AP Rocky beat, Scuba, although I can't remember the producer. To be honest, I much prefer Gasp's take on it. The way he starts off relaxed and builds up with his flow works really well too. Gasp's more poignant material is usually for his best and this track's no different. I'm not a big fan of the semi-hook he brings at around two minutes in, but this is mostly very impressive. His writing has improved yet again and I love hearing that passion in his delivery again.

Scuba: I was only introduced to Max Scyther a few weeks ago. This track is cool; I would urge listeners to check the video though. The visuals really help it hit home. There's a bit of an American twang in his voice, but that may clear out eventually when he starts to find his own voice.

Jonny: Yeah, this has a great video shot by Omar (Red Tree). I don't know the dude's background so I'll not judge him on his accent too much. Even though his writing can be sloppy, Max follows the beat well and has a couple of grabbing lines. He just needs to cut down on the filler a little.