Friday, 6 November 2015

Soundcloud Goodies 2 (The Return Of Jafar)

The SSU Team are back with thoughts on another batch of new tracks from ... well, you lot. Thanks for all the submissions (as well as others we just picked up on).This month features thoughts from guest reviewer and top notch emcee Ciaran Mac.

Scuba: Real impressed with this - I've always been a long term supporter of Profisee. Dope beat and the slickness of Profisee goes together nicely.

Jonny: Profisee's voice and flow reminds me of classic UKHH emcees from the late 90s/early 2000s. He wouldn't sound out of place on a Lewis Parker beat, which is a big compliment, trust me.

I like the rhyme schemes a lot here too and there's some nice one-liners ("Regenerate like limbs on salamanders"). The imagery is clear and concise and his rhymes match well with the kinetic movement of the rhythms.

Ciaran Mac: The Production is dark and eerie but still has a smoothness to it  that I really like. The serious, train-of-thought-esque lyrics compliment this well. I'm sorry to say that I hadn't listened to Profisee before, but the rhyme schemes are on point and I'll definitely be listening to more of his stuff now.
Scuba: Liking HXXT's style. Kinda simple flow and nothing here to excited about, but definitely a decent tune.

Jonny: Wasn't big on the intro - bit cringe-worthy. In fact, I really don't like the singing on the hook either. It doesn't really match the claustrophobic production and cuts through the reverb pretty harshly.

I disagree with Scuba slightly: I think the rapping was better than the tune. HXXT's got a bit of character and he sounds pretty comfortable on a beat, if a bit robotic at points.

Ciaran Mac: Pretty commercial sounding...not my kinda shit personally, after listening to the full thing im quite impressed though, again i havent heard this dude before but the song as a whole is well written and well produced. Cant fault him on flow either and the singing was decent and worked well for the type of tune he was going for. Will keep my eye on Hxxtmusic now would like to hear something heavier from him though Scuba: Orry's beats are fucking intense - I love this shit. Nity has a style of aggression and tight flow that makes for an automatic flavour of enjoyment, for me.

Jonny: Yeah, great production from Caren again. Vocals are mixed nicely and work nicely next to the guitars. Cool chorus too.

It's not my favourite Nity track but he's never not good, let's be honest. Flows are on point and his performance is aggressive and ear-catching.

Ciaran Mac:Lets not pretend.

This is standard Nity Gritz. Heavy on the attitude and multisyllabics, hes blessed Orrys production here though and id like to hear more stuff of this quality and no more of Darrens attempts at home recording. TOGO's a good look Scuba: Shogun is a fairly new act and just starting to get his name shooting around. He maybe needs a little tightening as far as his writing goes, but again one to watch for in the future. It won't take him long to clean up and get a lot better. Can already hear him messing around with different rhyme schemes too.

Jonny: Did Shogun play Audio Soup? I swear I've seen him perform and he's talented. This track is pretty short but he establishes a lot in that time: he twists up his rhyme patterns, flows well with good breath control and is direct and humorous with his content (even if hearing someone use the word "poof" takes me back to primary school). 

Ciaran Mac: Shogun will be killing everycunt soon. I wrote out a huge paragraph about his abilty and how much I rate him but ive deleted all that and all im gonna say is, EMCEES BEWARE, this kids gonna be a problem. Scuba: Boom Bap goodness for me here, Haven't heard of this guy before, but sounding pretty damn good. Again, an obvious tightening is needed with his writing, but he's sounding good on a beat.

Jonny: Brave choice of beat to use - Joey Bada$$ pretty much owned it on B4.Da.$$. To SLXVNY's (how do you pronounce that, by the way?) credit, he's really enjoyable to listen to on a beat. He's got a very precise flow and, like Shogun, sounds accomplished for a newcomer. Hopefully he develops his own style a little more.

Ciaran Mac: Hes got that "fairly new to rapping" feel about him, what i mean by that is theres a lot of confidence, braggadocio and agression coming across. Born in 1998...fuck me im getting old. Boys 17 though so its what i expect from most 17 y/o emcees and the tune wasnt bad, theres defo potential there and again Ill likely keep an eye and ear on him progressing.
Scuba: Autotune is one of the banes of my life, but that's just me. This is a bit of an RNB style banger here - it's real simple and easy to listen to. Nothing special though. Sorry for the loss my man.

Jonny: Unlike Scuba, I love a bit of Drake, I love R&B hooks and I love banging Trap beats... To be fair though, Sky Boii has better tracks. I respect the sentiment of the track, albeit the concept is a little played out.

I do like that he's stuck to his own style rather than conform to the overworn trend of "hardcore rapper turns emotional mess". This is still a little cheesy though.

Ciaran Mac: "Fuck the money, fuck the fame and the fuckin fashion, I just lost my father man i feel im close to crashin'". Some very real and authentic words from Sky here, and he still managed to make it sound like something you could hear in the club, big up for this one and my thoughts go out to him and his family.

A review round-up of new albums from the past few months is forthcoming from Jonny over the next week or two. Watch this space. You can also read his singles column this week in The National newspaper (featuring Profisee and Werd) at