Sunday, 29 November 2015

NEW DISS TRACK: Velli - Chicken & Beef (SSU EXCLUSIVE)

It's not often enough that we get a top quality diss track from a Scotland-based emcee, but Velli just dropped this combative verse aimed at Edinburgh rapper Skyy Boii. 

Channel owner Ollie Buchanan had this to say about the challenger...

Originally from Manchester, Edinburgh based Rapper Velli has just dropped a diss track going at Skyy Boii, also Edinburgh based. I believe this is the first of it’s kind within the Edinburgh hip hop/grime scene, and I can see it benefiting the scene through bringing a more competitive element to the scene, opposed to songs with no depth and substance purely being released for club plays- which is what the majority of Edinburgh hip hop is doing. To call yourself a rapper, you have to prove that you can spit bars in this format, something Sky hasn’t done too much of. Velli proves how comfortable he is within this format here, looking natural and confident in front of the camera. What he says is refreshing, as his content is crafted specifically to go at Sky- something Sky rarely does within his own music. As with all diss tracks, it’s not over ’til you hear both sides of the story, and it’ll be interesting to see if Sky can come back with a response. I have faith that he can come up with something back, because he has proved himself as a rapper before in certain instances. As a fan of hip hop in my city- a competitive scene would be cool. Hip hop is competitive, and when hip hop can become a story that fans can buy into its better for everyone. Characters make money, stories make money, sob stories on X-factor make money, rappers need to do more than rap nowadays to make money. A rapper confident in his ability need not worry about a diss track, as it’s the nature of what a rapper does. So in a year we could see a lucrative, competitive hip hop and grime scene in Edinburgh with a thriving interested fan base, in which our rappers are getting booked for big shows based off of their music, or we could see people take something the wrong way and choose to dismiss actual art and music as an aggressive move. We as hip hop fans who love our city should encourage our rappers to stay competitive. If you are a rapper, part of the deal is the competitive nature. Don’t like it? Be a folk singer. I support Velli, and I support hip hop, and I support Sky. I charge £350 for a video usually, but I am offering to film Sky’s response and post it on our Seen channel for free, as hip hop as one benefits us all.