Thursday, 22 October 2015

@iamsymba_G82 - Sonrise

Dumbarton, G82, based artist Symba has been writing, recording and producing music since 2010 whilst being an avid listener and fan of hip hop from an early age.

He began his creative journey at the age of 18 under the alias steve.ET, experiences in life being one of many catalysts for him to note down his thoughts which naturally progressed and formed into songs.

After building a small but strong local following Symba joined hip hop 4 man group Deadsoundz gaining credibility with support slots alongside artists such as Hopsin, Lunar C and Mic Righteous to name a few and playing gigs in various classic venues throughout Scotland.
Although finding some success with Deadsoundz he has since departed from the group and focused on his solo material from 2014 onwards.

Once developing and concentrating on his solo material after his departure from the group Symba noticed a change in the style and taste of the music he was listening to and being influenced by which factored into the change of alias, the reason being the music he is now making has taken a different approach and artistic path which he feels deserves a new brand image so to speak thus given birth to the pseudonym, SYMBA.

After spending just less than a year away from any sort of public awareness working on his debut album 'SONRISE'.

Symba has returned to pick up where he left off and make a stamp with an album that will cement his name in the memories of any true music fan, with the album spreading across genres and not necessarily you're typical run of the mill hip hop release, it packs a punch whilst pulling at the heart strings and being thought provoking all over the course of the 11 track project.
This is truly one artist and album not to be missed.

Check is last 2 video's from the album release HERE and HERE

Album can be purchased via Google Play, Amazon, iTunes & If you wanna stream the album type "Symba - Sonrise" into Spotify.