Wednesday, 15 April 2015

ill-Q presents "Pengdubz" Mixtape Vol. 1

Growing - Dexter Morgan Rap feat ill-Dando (Rag n Bone Man - Right Now (Instrumental)

Trimming - Actual Facts - feat ill-Q (Lord Finesse - Actual Facts (Instrumental)

Flowering - Clarkson's Spawn feat ill-Dando Jam Baxter - Borrowed Time (Instrumental)

Flush n Hang - Non Halal feat ill-Q (Children of the Damned - Bar Fight - (Instrumental)

Dry n Clip - Noisy Trip feat ill-Q (The Four Owls - Silent Flight (Instrumental)

Curing - Puff Pass feat Aye-Q (Sonny Jim - Nothing on Me - (Instrumental)

Piffing feat ill-Dando (Ramson Badbonez - October (Instrumental)

PENGPROPS feat ill-Q

All cuttings supplied by DJ-Sokol
Mixed by DJ-Sokol, ill-Q and Paraletic Universe Records

Mastered by Tom S Ray Audio Mastering