Wednesday, 14 January 2015

New Singles (Soundcloud Goodies)

The SSU Team break down the latest soundcloud 

Scuba: Dubs of well loved tracks are really hard to pull off, especially one of this calibre. The guys done well, all great rhymers. But this isn't something I'll go back and listen to again. I will however keep my ears peeled for a proper release. Well in lads.

Jonny: Think the vocals need to be a little clearer in the mix. The dub works nicely. I think Spawn has improved massively as well, really rating his flow. This is a cool wee experiment if nothing else.

M1STERMAN: Trading of bars can be great, or utter shite. Here the different vocal tones and flows compliment each other and keep the track bouncing between Spawn and Crinks bars- great.

Scuba: Dope track here from Shadoh, The usual high quality material he is known for.

Jonny: Shadoh has such character to his voice that I almost always find his tracks really grip you straight away, even when I'm not fond of a particular beat. He murders this though - nice variation in his rhyme schemes and the hook works well.

M1STERMAN: Hard beat by 2deep, and Shadoh's flow is on point helped by tight mixing i.e. the slight reverb/echo on the vocals in the background. Makes for an aggressive and heavy sound.

Scuba: This is a spoken word track here from Supa, Sometimes I think spoken word should be alongside musical tracks with no drums as it can take away from the flow of what has been written. A simple atmospheric pad would have done the job for this, and given Supa more availability to work this together as it comes off sounding off beat at times.

Jonny: Having just done a whole course on poetry, I've been pulling my hair out at the amount of spoken word I've had to listen to... I do like this though, even if the writing is a little too abstract to really hit hard. This is just my standpoint, but I feel that the woodland imagery is really clich├ęd overdone. That doesn't detract from Supa's abilities as an emcee though. I think he has the right amount of gravity to his voice to make the listener want to listen to this again.

M1STERMAN: *In a very treelike voice* haha enjoyed this one, really creative lyricism and some good wordplay - watch this space!

Scuba: Track here from Fife "Degenerate" Jock Horror. Nice flowing alongside an atmospheric beat, works nicely. A style Jock does well.

Jonny: I really like the beat - it's awesome what you can do with some well placed major to minor chord progressions and effects. This one sounds like it should be on the desert level of a video game or something. I like how he works the beat by dropping the drums in and out. Lyrically, I reckon Jock should study dudes like Possessed from Rhyme Asylum. His use of imagery was better here than when he tried moralising towards the end.

M1STERMAN: Dark, dark, dark, dutty comparisons and gritty multis. There's an overall feel to the content and flow and voice that is so complete, it goes hand in fist with the instrumental to pack a punch or five... "Fuck yer lullabies!" Don't sleep on Jock!

Scuba: A great little acoustic number from Oban's O'B. Nicely put together. Would love to hear some more acoustic work from him.

Jonny:Having heard/even played along with O'B's acoustic/rap crossovers for a few years now, I'm perhaps a little more used to hearing this from him than others. If I put aside my bias I would be honest and say I find him slightly sharper when writing to a fully developed beat, but it's impressive how easy he can rap to the standard he does whilst playing. Not as big on this one's hook, but the lyrics here are more than solid as ever.

M1STERMAN: O'B has a musicality in rapping that seems to fuse between genres, so why not put that on acoustic tracks. This roaster doesn't leave my mind divided right in tw though...  Although the sharp lyrics contrast that cheery sounding guitar the overall track is seemless POW.

Scuba: Not exactly the style of Hip Hop I enjoy but this works well for what it is. The beat is real nice too. Afro Steve does not show any kind of emotion in his verse though. Just makes the track sound lazy to me.

Jonny: Unlike Scuba, I love this style of hip hop. My issue with this is that it tries to do too much: Ransom's rhyme patterns are too rushed and stuttered; Afro Steve's sound are too lethargic and sound basic due to the demands of the beat. The overall vibe of the track is cool though.

M1STERMAN: FA has that confidence in his flow as always. The melody his delivery separate this track in style from other works, Afro Steve has some impressive bars and they land well, it's a real tight track all round guys!