Friday, 30 January 2015

Breaking The Barrier - Quarter Finals (VIDEO ROUNDUP)

As we reach the Breaking the Barrier semi-finals tonight in Afillion Studios, Glasgow, now seems the perfect time to look back at the quarter final matches from the last event.

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Leo tells me that he wasn't happy with this clash when I offered to put it online, but as far as I could see this was a really competitive clash. These are two energetic emcees but with slightly different styles. Though the stumbles maybe cost M1sterman the battle, this was an entertaining one on both ends. Kid also gets props in the Triple Darkness sweater - big ups!

A poor performance on A-Macc's part, there is no denying it, although he did step in here as a replacement with only so long to prepare. Zee comfortably takes this though, and given his status as a battler, deserves to be in the Semi Finals.


It was perhaps surprising when Live n' Spittin winner EVIL was knocked out of the tournament by RDS (partly down to our judging), but I'd maintain that RDS looked really promising to win the competition. MacKenzie absolutely shreds it here though and gives Zee an uphill battle in the next round. This one particularly has pitiful views at this point so give it a share.

Wee D v Number 13
Clearly the battle of the night. Number 13 had been on a bit of a rampage in the tournament so far, performing better than I'd seen from him previously. He does well here too, but Wee D is a step up in class. His bars throughout, especially during the concept rounds, literally had the crowd in tears laughing.

The Semi Finals taking place tonight are as follows:

Kid Robotik v Wee D
Zee v Andrew MacKenzie

All the details on the event are here:

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