Monday, 8 December 2014

New Singles (Week beginning 01/12/14)

Here's a quick round-up of the tracks Scotland Standup have been playing this week, with brief synopses and opinions from Scuba and Jonny

PRhyme - Courtesy (Nasty P Remix)

Scuba: Nice production from one of Edinburgh's top producers
Jonny: Not a massive fan of Royce, but his style really works well with Primo - need to check out the original. This Nasty P remix is really nice though. 

SnakeWOLF - Life Struggles (Demo) Scuba: Local guys from Fife here, Some issues with flowing, but they will get better over time. Looking forward to hearing more.
Jonny: Confused on the accents, but works fine. I'm not a big fan of the echoed snare, and the production could be tighter all round. Really like the bones of it though - nice chorus and the strings really work well. 

Chad The Lad - A World Gone Mad Scuba: This track features on the Fly Spittin Mixtape. Excellent track here from Chad.
Jonny: Solid track from a sick mixtape, bias aside. Chad has a great personality and tailors his flow to the beat really well, even if the loop isn't my favourite. 

Symba - 2AM In Dumbarton (DUB) Scuba: Formerly Steve ET. Symba gives us an introduction to where he comes from. Drake DUB.
Jonny: I must have missed the bit where he changed his name, but this is sick. In terms of pure rapping ability, Steve is quite underrated actually. Nice flow and multis. 

Kevy_Boii - Body you music ft. Sub-con5cience (Produced By Phonol'it) Scuba: Nice track here from Livingston based Kevyboii, in all his cheery goodness. Morbid but delicious tune.
Jonny: Love these kind of beats. Sub-con5cience has an interesting tone to listen to say the least, and I didn't catch everything he said in the mix. Kevy is aggressive in this, which fits nicely. I'd like to hear a longer/more structured version of this. 

Physiks - Break The Turn (DUB) Scuba: Physiks as always killin shit. This is Dope. Video is on Youtube aswell.
Jonny: Quality wee track this. Eerie head-nodder.

Hype - Watch Mii Scuba: New track from Aberdeen artist Hype.
Jonny: Hype is the most generic name for an MC in my humble opinion, but I have to say something critical because this is a banger. Think it's begging for a hook, but I like this one a lot regardless.

COMING THIS WEEK ON SSU: Interview with Stanley Odd, review of the latest round of Breaking the Barrier