Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Fly Spittin Vol 4 (Scotland Stand-Up) (Mixtape)

As with any compilation of Hip Hop based in Scotland you expect it to include as much different sounds and styles, alongside more seasoned performers and new acts involved in putting music together. This mixtape covers it all. Featuring new and lesser known acts such as Yah and Lil Mac. alongside the more well known guys such as Damaged Goodz, Mog & Chad The Lad. This should serve the newer fans as an introduction to some of these acts and quench their thirst for Hip Hop in Scotland. And for the more "In The Know" fan features some exclusive tracks and pre-releases you won't have heard. This was a joint project between us at Scotland Standup and Fly Spittin Blog

Go check it out, and enjoy the free download.