Saturday, 26 April 2014

Loki - Tommy Sheridan Dead

A busy April means that I've not had the chance to throw this on the blog yet, but Loki's latest "GIMP" track (Government Issue Music Protest) holds no punches. Set in a dystopian Britain twenty years from now, Loki presents a track that deals with the ramifications of a "No" vote in the upcoming referendum.

The more sensitive among us may recoil at some of the concepts, notably the provocative Madeline McCann scenario that he proposes towards the end, but SSU is definitely on board with any hip hop that engages with the current debate. The upcoming referendum on independence is the most important collective decision that most Scots will have to make in their lifetimes. I encourage more MC's, and artists in general, to engage with the debate with any profound ideas that they can contribute. Why? Because Scottish hip hop has as much a voice in this debate as anybody else. 

I will be reviewing Loki's latest release on the blog over the coming weeks but for now, check out my recent interview with him on independence here: In June, myself and Leo are also hoping to finish shooting a short documentary that looks at attitudes towards the referendum within the scene. I've already spoke to a few of you, but we'll be filming more interviews/contact more of youse around that time.

Also coming up on SSU: Reviews of debut EP's from two up and comers - Ciaran Mac and O'b.