Saturday, 1 March 2014

Tru Factz - 3rd Class Journey 2 My Mind's Eye REVIEW

If there is one criticism I frequently reserve for Scottish emcees, it would be their limited scope in content. Hyping yourself will only get you so far in this industry, especially when it already considers our scene as not even worthy of being a blip on their radar. However, despite other grievances with this disc, Edinburgh rapper Tru Factz is certainly more ambitious in his lyrical endeavours.

If you did not already guess from the long winded title, "freedom", "slavery" and "chains" are the sort of buzzwords that crop up on this EP. There are several allusions to "opening up your third eye" and generally being more conscious of what is actually going on. Before you draw too many conclusions though, Vinnie Paz this is not. Factz' delivery is more monotone, taking the Guru-styled approach of riding meditative beats in a way that grabs the attention of the listener. 

'My Life' showcases this quite well, dropping its "my life, my struggle" hook into the forefront of the track. He utilises this elsewhere too, using such speculative imagery on 'Just Listen' that I tend to think he'd of benefited from linking his ideas less stringently. His messages are usually sound and relatable but the stream-of-consciousness method of lyricism means they are often overly-predictable. 

Besides, these sentiments are embraced more readily when the production is complimentary. I really wish I could endorse the techno/synth-led beats here but they're generally cheesy and accompanied by low-quality drum loops. That's not to call me a "hater", as the track with Zebs here addresses, but I certainly feel that even if this EP was mastered better, the boom bap tracks would be far superior.

Tru Factz is going in the right direction though. He sounds comfortable on a beat, his lyrics suggest his heart is in the right place and one or two tracks really stand out. If he finds a way to deliver a coherent political message, and come with the same laidback flow and beats, he'll have a substantial platform to work from. 

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