Monday, 17 March 2014

SSU Tracks of the Month - Featuring SUPA, O'b, Narcissistic Literature and Dubious Content

It's been a quiet week on the SSU front but we do have a few things brewing (more information on the Referendum feature at the bottom). Regardless, here is a few tracks we've have been been jamming this month in Scottish hip hop. 

Dubious Content - State of Affairs Feat. OZ and EVIL

Okay, so I'm admittedly taking ages to review this joint, but trust me it's good. The new Dubious Content EP gets featured again on tracks of the month because it's solid as fuck. I'd recommend this track in particular as a good example of how to do a feature verse and make it fit (something a surprising amount of Scottish MC's struggle with). EVIL sounds effortless on a beat, as you might have guessed considering his recent form in freestyle battles and his JAM session. OZ's verse also fits the aggressive vibe on this tune, although I reckon these guys wouldn't be too happy if I told them that I like a bit of Drake every now and then...

O'b - Catch the Froth (Demo)

Okay, so the dude's a long term pal from Oban so I am probably biased saying this, but I definitely think O'b is onto something with his newest material. The acoustic hip hop concept is not a new one but the simplicity of this really lets the lyricism shine through. The topic of independence is incredibly relevant at the moment (see our upcoming feature) so it would be good to see more Scottish based MC's addressing political issues. Oh, and he just joined Trix' New Flow Records so you'll be seeing a lot more of him.

Narcissistic Literature - Gasconade Feat. Ill Az

Even though I spent much of my youth in Livingston (Deans High School mofucka), I was never really up on all the talent that came out of the place. The last few years has seen an active scene develop within Livi though, and Narcissistic Literature are a crew that I do recommend. I'm not a massive fan of the hook but the flows are on point throughout. The Crink beat is class as well, capturing the listener's attention with its ominous drums and bassline.

SUPA & Da Kryptonites - Think Thru Da Glass

One of my favourite groups around at the moment. Having a live band does have its pros and cons, but I really love what the horns adds to this song. With SUPA's cheeky-chappy persona, this doesn't actually sound miles away from a Madness tune. 

"It's ghostly when I take a piss and piss my spirits out"

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