Saturday, 22 March 2014

Shadoh Firing Shots (+ more)

Since we dropped Tracks of the Week, a couple more tunes have dropped that are worth checking out. First up, Hazey Jay (aka John Kerr of Underground Scotland) has teamed up with Wee D to drop this belter from his new EP 'The Wasted Youth'. You'll see a review of the new EP here soon. 

SSU have also been keeping tabs on JR the Juggernaut who, fresh off his Breaking Bars performance, is dropping his first EP 'Advanced Higher English'. Based on the lyrical dexterity on show in this preview, I wouldn't be surprised if he took it (I mean that as a compliment...). 

"Raging against the machine like my drink wasn't vended"

Perhaps notable though was the song 'When I'm On Air', uploaded to soundcloud by Shadoh a couple of days ago. Other than sounding hyped as fuck, Shadoh also appears to direct bars at several characters within the Scottish scene. SSU of course remain unbiased on "beef", although we'd definitely mark the difference between personal attacks and friendly competition. This is a big track anyway - what are youse thinking?

Shadoh's comments kind of lead onto the next point... our interview with Loki should be up in a few days.