Tuesday, 4 March 2014

JUST A MINUTE #14 + #15 Remark and EVIL

In addition to the SSU live session, here's two new JAM sessions (Leo's been a busy dude). Remark and EVIL both go HAM with the multis on these new yins. Check out Remark's music at remark1.bandcamp.com and watch out for more upcoming freestyle clashes from Breaking Bars which EVIL won. 

If you are interested in featuring on Just a Minute, contact Leo (M1STERMAN.rap@gmail.com), Matthew Liebeck (matspur933@gmail.com) or myself (Jonzo67 or SSUBlog on twitter).

COMING THIS WEEK ON SSU: Two more reviews and a referendum interview. If you are interested in being interviewed for our upcoming independence feature, please contact the addresses above (or scotlandstandupblog@gmail.com)