Friday, 28 February 2014

Battles, Battles, Battles - Feat E.V.I.L., Chad the Lad and Lumanes

A couple more dope Scottish battles have been uploaded this week. Props to Edinburgh Undersound and RedTreeFilms for the editing again. Both are looking good. 

The first sees the first round of EVIL's fantastic Breaking Bars freestyle performance. The second sees veteran Chad the Lad use his experience well against Lumanes. 

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Coming soon on SSU: It's been hectic in SSU but the Tru Factz, Young Fathers and Dubious Content reviews should all be up very, very promptly, we have some video content on the way from M1sterman and a new feature analysing attitudes in the scene in the run up to the referendum (I'll give you a clue though, a lot of us are voting yes...).