Sunday, 26 January 2014

TRACKS TO CHECK: Dubious Content, Verbal Duology, O'B, Number 13

This new SSU segment is pretty simple: we compile a handful of new Scottish hip hop tracks that we've enjoyed this week that y'all should listen to. Simples.

Dubious Content - Gift of the Blag

"You can't blag a blagger". This isn't mad conceptual; just a dope old-school styled track. Dubious Content swaggers, over a dope Aye Q beat, like he couldn't give a flying fuck what a critic would think. This critic likes it anyway.

O'B - When the Worst Comes

Though he's been performing in Oban for a while, O'B is only just emerging with material now. This track showcases his fantastic delivery, but also his production skills as he wrote the whole thing. His 'Just a Minute' has already reached 500 views in two days (check it out on here), and he has solo and collaborative work in the pipeline. Keep a watch.

Studio Session: EDotT Feat Shadoh and JMC (Verbal Duology)

There's nothing more exciting than a hungry MC, and considering this was written and recorded in a day, you can tell just how hungry Verbal Duology are. Shadoh and JMC are both on point with their flows, trading rhymes in a competitive but artful manner.

Number 13 - Lyrical Addiction (Feat. Kayce One) (track 6 - perhaps someone can help me embed bandcamp next time)

There's a few things to be said about the debut Number 13 EP, titled 13 funnily enough: the artwork is sick (whodunit? I'm curious), some of the samples aren't really to my taste (sorry, I'm not big on Adele); and 13 certainly sounds comfortable on the mic, considering this is a debut. My favourite of the EP is 'Lyrical Addiction', which has a basic premise but is executed well. Kayce One also has a nice verse - check it out.