Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Han CMC - Shadow Skillz [Free Download EP]

‘Han CMC' returns with his second official release. With a vast amount of unreleased tracks circling the Edinburgh hip-hop scene in the form of underground projects, the time has now come to present the next chapter. Having begun working with Blasfima Sinna, as well as being known as a founding member of Perfect Practice, Han CMC now finds himself as a fully established member of 'Sons of Scotland (SOS)', creating alternative, experimental hip-hop in the capital.
He is the 'Conscious Metaphor Connoisseur', and this is 'Shadow Skillz'.

Entirely recorded at Sons of Scotland (SOS).
All tracks written by each artist involved, all beat production from HP Lovesauce.
Track features from Joe Haddow, Jordan Butler, Werd, Deeko, Blasfima Sinna, Nity Gritz, Wardie Burns and Madhat McGore. Artwork design by Drew Devine. Cuts from DJ U-Turn. All rights reserved. 2013.
EP contains no swearing or samples at all, organic and radio friendly.
Free download or stream here: https://hancmc.bandcamp.com/