Sunday, 7 July 2013

Mog - In Black & White (LP)

POWERCUT PRODUCTIONS proudly presents to you the highly anticipated album " IN BLACK AND WHITE" by Glasgow HIP HOP artist MOG.Who is MOG I hear you ask? Well in a sentence, MOG is the voice of Glasgow's conscience relaying it's beautifully grotesque innermost secrets with a penmanship and tone that are second to none. Drawing comparisons with legends like NAS, Johnny Cash, Bill Withers and Kurt Cobain may seem a tad over ambitious but upon listening to the landscapes painted by the Penilee housing scheme native you begin to see why he is held in such high esteem by his peers and fans alike.
IN BLACK AND WHITE features a wide variety of sounds and genres from Country to Punk to HIP HOP and showcases the cream of Scotland's musical talents on production and guest appearances, the likes of STEG - G, SCATABRAINZ, THE NUMBER 9'S, TONI SMOKE, BECCA STARR, BANG DIRTY and many more showing how highly they regard the genius of MOG by contributing some of their most exceptional pieces of work to date on the album. Known for his intense subject matters pertaining to life among the underbelly of society in general and Glasgow in particular, his pen bleeds with an honesty that has been slowly burning it's way into the psyche of Scotland's youth who resonate with the truths MOG lay's bare in his works which although sometimes graphic are never glamourised or exaggerated in any way showing the wisdom that can only be attained by "walking the walk" and speaking from experience.