Monday, 3 June 2013

Getting Your Music Out There Part 2

Hello guys. I done a post a few weeks ago detailing a few tips on how to get your music out there and concentrated that post on sites designed to help with your on-line marketing Post is HERE. Today i'm going to offer some more help on the whole on-line marketing theme. Today i wanna concentrate on Blogs. First off though i wanna give my man Praverbs a massive shout out for all he has done to help artists like yourselves with marketing. is an amazing resource to help you with all this shit. The site features a shedload of hints and tips and resources as well as what i want to concentrate on for today.

Ultimate Hip Hop Blog Directory has a massive compiled list of blogs that accept music submissions. One of the best lists i can find at least. This contains blogs worldwide, some cater to more specific types of the genre like beat-making, but most of them cater to the genre as a whole, so be wary and check the blogs before you submit (No point sending trap rap to a boom bap blog). Here are a few personal tips on how utilize this list.

1. Be personal - Do not ever by any means do this e.g.

(Soundcloud Link) Check My Shit Bro, It's dope (Twitter handle).

You will achieve nothing most of the time, so as a little eye opener to some people that feel they are being ignored, this is why. Always try to follow music submission instructions to the letter to some of these blogs, Some may have direct instructions on what to do, some may simply offer an email address. My personal tip would be to follow the instructions from the blogs that offer some. And as for the places that just give you an email address, Give them a simple email to start with asking for any specific music submission instructions, maybe even mention a post they have done on that particular blog to get a conversation going. They will no doubt give you instructions on how to submit, rather than you stupidly adding them to your mailing list and sending them Emails that they may consider spam. That is not good for you.

2. Support via Social network - Most blogs will have a Facebook or Twitter or at least some sort of social network account and will more than likely have put a link to a post from you if you have submitted something. Share and retweet those links and let them know you have done so. They run a website that caters to finding new fans of their site and if they see that you are actively supporting their website and perhaps gathering them a few new readers, they will be most grateful and it could make it work more in your favour for getting posted next time.

3. Build a working relationship - This can never hurt at all, every now and again give them a little shoutout, and say hello. Try and build a relationship with these guys as they can help you build your career.

Now you can go see the list and start building. Of course this isn't every blog on the web, there are thousands more. But this should be a great starting point for you.

Get On It.