Wednesday, 5 June 2013

A-macc (Interview)

We here at Scotland Standup are very luck to have had a sit down with A-macc 1/5 of the Glasgow crew Deadsoundz and pick away at his brain to see what his thoughts are on many aspects of Hip Hop in Scotland!! How long have you been making music? 9 months with Deadsoundz, say 2 years all in. How did Deadsoundz come to be? Jeeesh now that's a question that gets asked a lot, and I'm going to be 100% honest here, it was this time last year I took a jump down to my mates for a catch up and met subz, I hadn't seen subz in like ten years haha, he stayed down my way when I was like 11-12, he was going on about Loki, Mog, Gasp, Werd, and Madhat let me hear some of it and told me he was writing a mixtape and let me hear some of his bars and I was like I can do that got him to stick on a beat and I freestyled a 16 after that he was like come up mines and chill from then I started writing to beats with subz and move over was born Deadsoundz was an idea we had for a crew name simply cause we were dead sound haha dead sound guys and that, the next addition was Lumanes I caught him bodybaggin some guys called Jailz haha nah I liked his swagger and confidence so I said to subz and we hit him up checked Steve the same night and we hit him up, Q-riot came to our first gig and always gave us big ups he stayed in the drum and me and subz invited him down one night and he spat the "flows tighter than biggies belt bar"
And from then on I was like your gettin in and he was more than happy to join so yeah DTTB !! Its a family man we all have love for each others style. I'd say some crews in Scotland might benefit more if they had the bond we do.

How many songs /albums have you released to date?
3 ep's you've got move over, sample this and the angry andrew EP, plus I've got initiation EP out with the lads catch that on

Can you tell us about any new projects and the background and inspirations behind it? My current project just now is hush hush top secret but since its you guys and I've got mad love for scotland standup, I'll tell you the name its will be called "where is my mind" now inspiration wise I can tell you its all coming out definetley gonna have some major feats on there too.
It will be my first album also.. Now if I tell you more I'll have to kill you lol.

How have you ended up in the music industry? To quote my man subz "we started rappin randomly" and that's true, we never once tried to get out there and end up where we are now, we simply dropped move over and the reception we got just blew us away I started working on sample this and the rest is history.

What do you think of the music industry at the moment?
I try to keep up with it but I'm underground and can't stand guys like lil wayne and will I am

Who inspires you when you make your music? A lot of people inspire me, I mean I'm inspired by hip hop as a culture I like to think I'm this tiny part of something that's world wide and you've got guys like slim and that who pushed the bar up and over to make a statement and say look us small guys can do this too, and now look at him. I think eminem has got to be my inspiration because the guys done wonders for people who thought they would be laughed off a stage, he's paved the way.

You recently got singed to MCFR, how did that come about? Without going into too much detail, the family over at mcfr were feeling pissed off and it just went from there.

If you were a Pokemon, which one would you be? Slowbro mos def.
Why Slowbro?
I smoke weed saaaan haha he's cool too man.

Who have you collaborated with so far in your Career? Girobuster
Steve et
And subkonsious I've never really went looking like I said keep an eye out for my next release hopefully get some of the guys from the scene on there, if they want.

Who would you like to collaborate with in the future? Kayce one, Silvertounge, Par-Lay, and def madhat on national shotty horroh and mic righteous and international mac miller j cole

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Hopefully I'm fuggin it up, I'm joking, I just hope I'm still reppin with the guys over at MCF and we're just still doin our thing

What was the first album u bought? Kanye west graduation / college drop out can't remember what one but both are sick albums

What about the last one?
Plan B ill mannors, brilliant haha !

Whats your favorite song at the moment? Capital steez-emotional thoughts

If you had to sell your music collection tomorrow, what album would you leave in your drawer? Kanye west college dropout its just too good man !

What do you think of TV music talent show competitions? I'm not a fan atall I don't agree with public humiliation, for some people its entertaining for me its another step back towards the days when kings and queens would be entertained by the townsfolk.

What do you do when your not making music? Think about making music haha !

Rain or Snow? Rain, snow sucks.

How many hats do you own? None I steal Q-riots or Naomis
Are you planning on buying your own hat in the near future? Nah man, my boys have hats so I just rob them haha only one I've bought was my amacc one and I stopped wearing it since costel had a hat with his name on it lmao.

Whats your favorite takeaway? Pauls Chippy king rib supper nae dippy

What's your favorite Swear word? CUNT hahahaha a love it

What's your favorite brand of Shoe? Adidas high tops wae the straps

How many followers do you have on twitter? 91 its pish add me troops @macc_deadsoundz

Whats your thoughts on Scottish Independence? I'm in the fuck it itl be a laugh camp.

Whats your views on Battle Rap? Good when its done right a mean Costel V BoBo still makes me cringe but I liked the whole livi thing big up Jailz and TymeFag man that was quality, one of the best battle events I done also Courtyard they're amazin when the weathers right big up GBH on that.
Would you say you have a favorite Battle rapper, local or international?
Shotty horroh all fucking day man, he's killin it everywhere, up here I got mad respect for Louie and Kid Robotik they have individual battle styles and its amazing to watch.

You've done a few battles yourself, what do you feel was your best performance?
Freestyle at the coolio gig was amazing man made it to the semi and felt like a god, and sometimes when I roll a lil suhin suhin I go back and watch me bodybaggin source ye just cannie whack it haha !

Anyone in your sights for a "Bodybag"?
I've prepared for four battles all that have "fell through" so nah no really just concentrating on my freestyle game !

How do you feel about Scottish Hip Hop at the moment? Its what I eat sleep breath and talk about honestly no one can take the love I have for this scene I never hate on anyone I always try to help man, and I think there's people out there that need to do the same.
Who do you rate in Scotland at the moment? Kayce one And Toni smoke doing their thing I have mad love for those guys they are genuine and it shows through their music, Mog is one of the greates rappers in the world he's also my favourite scottish rapper he's a voice for the people in glasgow and he is the best in my opinion. I also have great respect for Madhat Mcgore he's one of the highest working rappers in the country he's done fire in the booth, UKRA and he's linked up with sk villain bigz and k-lash you aint fuggin with hat and I'm glad to be in the camp with the guy, sensai hat as I call him haha.

Anything else you would like to add?
Yeah man obviously get yourself over to check it out add me on twitter @macc_deadsoundz

Thanks for havin me guys
Big up ScotlandStandUp Jeaughhhhh !