Thursday, 9 May 2013

Getting your music out there.

There seems to be a huge amount of people out there that feel if they throw a link out to their recent release on facebook, a few facebook groups and a quick few tweets that they are done promoting their music. No, there are so much other things you can do online as well as this to maximise the views of your music. This post may look like it's designed for new artists but i see guys that have been making music for a long time simply doing the same things, It's ok to have a local following but are you not interested in getting your music out to a much wider audience?. In this post i hope to give you a few tips which may seem obvious to some, but may help other people. So here goes:

1. Mailout Providers - As i say this may seem obvious to some but i know a whole lot of artists out there that haven't set one of these up. If not get on that shit. This is where you can contact your fanbase directly as well as contact bloggers, Radio DJ's. & event organisers. You can find a few great mailout providers HERE. 1 way of building your contact list could be to use Bandcamp to your advantage, they have a system that allows you to ask for email addresses from downloaders. So that could be a great way to start that off. Even trying to email different bloggers and websites and ask about music submission guidelines so that you arent simply bombarding them with your music, try to build a bit of a rapport with these guys as they are highly important to you as you start your career. There are Thousands of blogs worldwide that accept music submissions so have a look around.

Mailout tips

If submitting music to different blogs as part of your mailing list please always try to include the following:

1. At least 2 pictures (Perhaps artwork and some artist photography)

2. Clear and concise mini biography, just 2 small paragraphs as an introduction to yourself will be enough.

3. A press release about the project explaining the idea behind it and what to expect.

4. Clear links - Allow people to check your music in one click.(Allowing bloggers to stream tracks online is always a bonus for them)

5. Any links for social media and contact links.

This should be the basis of a mailout for you
2. Social Media - This is an integral part of the music industry at the moment. If you make music and don't have a Twitter or Facebook account nowadays you are seen as a promotional invalid. You may hate Social Media but believe me it's highly worth having. You can integrate your facebook and Twitter to post together too so if your like me and haven't caught the Twitter fever your posts from Facebook will immediately be added to Twitter and vice versa. It maybe shit and annoying to some as i say but it's highly useful. Just don't be posting shit like "Had a crumpet with butter, Dog ate it, don't have it now" Use it properly.

These are 2 main things you will need as well as things like Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Youtube for posting music and videos. That may seem self explanatory but please remember not everybody is as tuned on with the internet as you.

3. Fiverr - "What the fuck is that Scuba?" This is the best thing you will have never seen in your life. Ever been struggling with artwork, Logo designs, Website designs pretty much anything and you only had a bitta small change jingling in your pocket? Well this is your lucky day. Fiverr is a website you can use to get almost anything done for almost nothing. Trust me if you use this wisely you will be one step ahead. And when i say anything i really mean that. I just seen a man offering to write anything you wanted in exotic indian spices for a fiver. And due to the almighty rubbish that is the Dollar being rather low, these things will only cost you around £3.20. But be wise there are people out to scam you as with all these things. So be vigilante.

4. PR Companies - These are great for the artists with budgets behind them, big or small. There are a whole bunch of PR companies out there worldwide, as this is a Hip Hop blog i will put up only 3 i know of who are fairly cheap but consistent. Park Street PR - I havent used these guys personally but i know they do a great job due to speaking with past clients. These guys are fans of Hip Hop and do a great job. You will have to contact them for pricing though. Dunn Deal PR - Great PR company that i recieve emails from on the regular with artists music as do many other websites and radio stations. Just look at the past clients. Again you will have to email them for pricing. We also offer a rather small scale promotional deal where we can guarantee you a few blog posts and a mailout blast for a mere £20 We are allways working on our mailing lists and forever adding new contacts so get intouch if you need some help by checking HERE.

5. BBC Introducing - A great platform to have your music played out in mainstream radio. Simply make an account on the BBC Introducing website (Google It) and you can send your music to the shows producers. This service has launched some great artists and can help launch you as well. So utilize this beast.

These are 5 simple tips and hints to start you guys off, be sure to utilize and follow these as it will up your promo game in a big way.

I'm not here to make everything easy for you, do your research to stay ahead of the game.


DJ Scuba Steve