Monday, 13 May 2013

Dead Ott - Dead To The World E.P.

10 years after his debut solo release, Dead Ott is back in 2013. Dead To The World E.P is the first of a trilogy of free releases from Dead Ott, one half of UK hip hop collective Styxmen. This E.P is fully produced by D-O, and is mainly a solo affair. The other half of Styxmen, Prophit, joins D-O on 'Back Again', while 'Show Me The Way' features the vocal talents of a well known Oxford songstress going under the alias of Little Girl. All the tracks were produced at Flow Po Row during 2011-12 and recorded with UK legend Chemo at Kilamanjaro Studios in March 2013.

Download The E.P. Here

The next E.P will feature beats from Dead Ott's favourite producers including Chemo, Runone, Prophit, White Key and more.....

One half of Styxmen, Dead Ott is an MC and producer from Oxford, UK. Been rapping and making tunes for 10 years now, making our own brand of UK hip hop. Styxmen's long awaiting album 'Styx & Bones' was released in 2013, followed by Dead Ott's follow up to his classic 2004 solo album 'Stories From The Frontline' which is now available for free download. More music from Sprout & Grow Productions coming soon...

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