Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Paul Scott - The Resurrection of... [Mixtape Review]

Paul Scott – The Resurrection of… [Mixtape]

Dedicated to his daughter, Paul Scott’s "resurrection" is chronicled in a passionate mixtape that shows hints of potential as a long-term solo performer. Older heads will perhaps recognise the name as part of the crew Inverness Underground, or as part of the group The Elite Cartel, and names such as KD and Sherb pop up on a couple of tracks.

Stylistically, this is a case of take your pick to some degree. Scott, to his credit, switches up his flow and brings a different approach to the table depending on the track. 'Insanity' for example shows his propensity to operate with a more hardcore-orientated approach, gripping the listener with his aggression as much as anything else. 

The lyrics here vary in quality, although he spits every line with undeniable zeal. The likes of 'Cold, Still' and the title track (I'm really not a fan of the cards metaphor he tries to use) are examples of Scott pedalling clich├ęs but still doing so quite self-assuredly. Saying that, Scott's use of internal rhymes in particular are highly accomplished on every track, and he also has a subtle grasp on when to switch from serious to something more comical.

As it's a mixtape, I feel obliged to appreciate the range of beats on here but there is certainly a range; some of the combinations are plain bizarre. 'Mind Games' samples The Supremes and it sounds jarring despite the huge vocal hook, whereas the use of Beethoven's 'Moonlight Sonata' works oddly well on 'Insanity'. 'Till I'm Gone' is easily the highlight of the tape though, a well constructed, albeit short, introspective track where Scott rides the nostalgia-tinged beat wonderfully.

This is a diverse collection of ideas, that don't necessarily all pop off, but do showcase Scott's abilities as a well-rounded MC. I'd thoroughly suggest y'all go check it at http://paulscott1.bandcamp.com/, it's free after all!