Sunday, 17 March 2013

Useful Contacts


Mailout Websites

Fanbridge - Free but you can only send up to 400 emails a month, perfect for just starting out.

Mailchimp - Best mailout service in Scuba's opinion. Free again so you can send out 12,000 emails to upto 2000 Email addresses.

Music Sharing

Soundcloud - Easily upload files and share quickly, Free but you can only upload files with upto a maximum of 2 hours. That seems to work for most people.

Bandcamp - Best website for allowing to share your music projects and merch, and give away free music if you so wish.

Vibedeck - Pretty much the same as Bandcamp, but allows you to upload mp3's.

CD Duplication

Rover Music - CD Duplication company based in Scotland

Easy Replication - CD Duplication company based in Scotland


SuperLogo - T -Shirt printing based in Edinburgh

Dizzyjam - Sell your Merch online minus the hassle.

Music Distribution

Tunecore - Easily get your music on Worldwide retailers such as Itunes, Amazon and Spotify. I'm sure there are other but this is the cheapest one i've found, also features a whole host of extra goodies for sharing your music worldwide.

Zimbalam - Much the same as Tunecore, but an other option none the less.



Sub-Friction - Glasgow

MCF Records - Edinburgh

Traffic Cone Records

Sons Of Scotland - Edinburgh

Bloo Coo Records - Fife

Belive Records - Glasgow

Mixkings -  Glasgow

Powercut Productions - Glasgow

Radio DJ'S

Subcity - A list here of all the DJ's that play Hip Hop music on Subcity

Radio Magnetic - A list of shows that play Hip Hop on Radio Magnetic

Recording Spaces 

Pirate Robot Productions (Toni Smoke) - Hip hop beat production. Recording and mixing services. Remix services. Mastering work audio. 

99% Studios - Home based studio based in Kirkcaldy, Fife - Prices available on request

Crown Sound - Home based recording in Glasgow, with the capability of mobile services too. Prices available on request.

Bloo Coo Records - Recording studio in Fife, Prices on the page.

Speech Syndicate - Free recording space if you ask nicely. Livingston

Graphic Designers

DillzGFX - Graphic Designer from Glasgow

Event Organizers

Michael Ryan - Runs Complex events.

Craig Hain - Crown Sound Organizer

James Jeffrey - Knock Out Freestyle Battles

Chris Mcdougall - Urbanscot

Ryan Mcgeady - Subfriction

Ter Ror - Club night based in Edinburgh

Gareth Lynch - Courtyard Battles

Mark McG - Traffic Cone Records

Simon Xplicit & Nasty P - I Love Hip Hop Edinburgh

Ralph Peterson - Fusion Promotions/PTV Hip Hop Events

Jamal Papajgun - Sugarhill Edinburgh

PA Hire

Danalgio Productions - PA Hire in Fife

Red Dog Music - Music Store and PA Hire

Music Stores

Underground Solu'shn - Music Store based in Edinburgh

Avalanche Records - Record Store in Glasgow

Hogs Head Music - Independent Music Store in Edinburgh

One Up Records - Independent Store in Aberdeen

LP Records Glasgow - Record Store in Glasgow.

Rub-A-Dub Records - Music Store based in Glasgow

Vinyl Villains - Independent Store in Edinburgh

VoxBox Music - Independent Store in Edinburgh


Synth Glasgow - Blog that mainly focused on Bass and Club music but sometimes caters to hip hop

Scottish Hip Hop (SOS) - Emcee Drew 'Werd' Devine's personal hip hop blog

Scottish Fiction - Scottish music blog

ravechild - Glasgow-based music blog

Almost Predictable, Almost - Electronic music blog, but been known to cover hip hop.

Tenement TV - Glasgow-based music website

The Pop Cop - Independent Music Blog

Flares N Seagulls - Alternative Music Magazine based in Aberdeen

Is This Music? - Long running Indie Blog

Podcart - Arts and Music Blog

Community Groups

Volition - Community group for artists looking to share their talent with other like minded individuals.

If you would like to be included in the contact list please use the form below

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