Sunday, 17 March 2013

Promotional Help

Do you need to get your new single out to a few people in the industry quickly and don't know how to go about it?.

Or do you have a Mixtape out at the moment and want it to be heard by a bit of wider audience?

Is your new video not getting as much views as you think it deserves?


Perhaps you are relatively new to the prospect of music promotion and just simply want a quick head start in the game?

Let us help you.

For £50:

Link to your personal artist profile on any site you wish

Guaranteed post & Interview on All That Dope Shit/Scotland Standup

Email blast to  2200+  industry contacts, including worldwide blogs, radio dj's and music websites. Specifically based around Underground Hip Hop music

(This is by far not the biggest mailout you will have seen but we take care in sending mailouts and sticking to certain bloggers/radio dj's rules on music submission rather than simply spamming as to make our chances of success much better)

Over 300 specific Underground Hip Hop music submission sites will be sent your music. as well as the Mailout mentioned above

2 Facebook and Twitter Campaigns reaching to our friends and worldwide groups.


"after less than 24 hours promoting us Scotland stand up managed to get our music out to over 3000 influential members of the global hip hop community, including Talib kweli and DJ Semtex among others. our video views rose substantially as did the number of new likes to our band page on Facebook. The guys got our video and single on countless hip hop blogs across Europe and the USA and even landed us a great interview with an eastern European hip hop site. SSU offer a top quality promotional package at an incredibly affordable price, its nice to see a promo company who's all about helping up and coming artists for a change when so many are just after a pay out. We'd recommend them to any hip hop artist and will definitely be using them in the future" -RazorKingz-

Past clients - Split Prophets, Nity Gritz, Conscious Route, Zambian Astronaut, Psychosis Holocaust, Defenders Of Style, RazorKingz, Bigg Taj.

Contact us via the the contact Us page if you are interested.

We also work alongside our good friends at Crown Sound, so we can offer more services to you should you need them. Get in contact if you have any specifics

Scotland Standup/All That Dope Shit is here to help you, so please get intouch if you have questions and need help with anything.

We have thousands of contacts from all different walks of life.

(Please remember Radio Stations, Websites and blogs will only add your content if it's a great product)

We will only promote your music if we feel the product is good enough.

Please remember this is not a guarantee to launch your career, we promise to give you a head start by getting your music out to a few industry heads and as much Hip Hop fans as possible but the rest of the work solely relies on you as an artist. Promotion is a huge part of what you have to do as an independent artist this is simply a head start.