Sunday, 17 March 2013

Madhat Mcgore - Numbers Compilations (Free Download)

Madhat Mcgore as usual is constantly busy doing his thing and his work-rate slows down for no man. This year he made a decision to release a few small releases consisting of 4 tracks each every now and again and is up to volume 6 at the moment. I wanted to wait and post them all up when they were done but after a few people asking i decided to post them up for now and update the post as we go.

Click the pictures to download the compilations

See Sense (prod. by DJ Anemate)
 Low And Behold (prod. by Steg G)
  Them Wi The Goats Head (prod. by Big J Laneek Beats)
Anything (prod. by DJ Anemate)

Got The Rhythem (Produced By Jigz)
Insomniac (Produced By Big J)
Times Out (Produced By DJ Anemate)
Want To Do (Produced By Jigz)

Bla Bla Bla Bla (prod by Dale A Thomson)
Blaaaaw (prod by UV Beatz)
Break The Chain Feat Werd, Deeko & Han CMC (prod by Dale A Thomson)
  After You (prod by Dale A Thomson)
 Too Dark Tonight (prod. by Dale A Thomson)
Auld Reekie feat. Werd (prod. by DJ Anemate)
Thunder (prod. by Dale A Thomson)
 What Can I Say (prod. by Big J)

Sitting Wi The Bottles feat Lumanes (Produced by Jigz)
Move Around My Temperament feat Tee.Y (Produced by Levon Breazeale)
Blow Them Away feat Sub Konsious & Par-Lay (Produced by Mickyyyy)
 Hallucinate feat Jee4ce (Produced by Raps Father Jack)


Jigzam feat Q Riot (Produced by Jigz)
People Disappear (Produced by Chuck)
 Feel The Panic (Produced by Sharkz)
What'd You Want From Me (Produced by Dale A Thomson)

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