Wednesday, 23 January 2013

True Hold Records - CCF Mixtape V1 (Mixed By DJ U-Turn)

 Conscious Route is a rapper, poet, and singer-songwriter. Born in London, he grew up in Hertfordshire, near Cambridge, before moving to Edinburgh, where he is now based.  Conscious Route founded the CCF movement (Conscious Collaboration Front), as well as holding the Conscious Collective events.

CCF Mixtape Volume 1 is brought to you by True Hold Records in conjunction with You Sonix Records and Sons of Scotland. This 17 track LP boasts the next generation of top UK talent, featuring Big Dutty Deeze, Conscious Route (CCF/SOS/ Truehold Records), Dillah Man (B-iila), Kayce One (Shadow People), Nity Gritz (Shadow People), Blasfima Sinna (CCF/ YouSonix Records), Sean El (United Front/Pareletic universe), Onetzu (United Front/ You Sonix Records), Novelistt, Suus, Jordan Butler(SOS), Bone Def (Master System/ Ghost Groove Records), Ruth Riley (Master System/ Ghost Groove Records), Megan Tait (Master System/ Ghost Groove Records), Jee4ce, Hansi Mcee (SOS), Werd (SOS), MBP, and ST (CatchKlick Emceez).

Track Listing:

1. Crows & Doves  (Conscious Route Ft Sean El, produced by Seal El)
2. Name Dropping (Onetzu, Blasfima Sinna & Conscious Route, produced by Sokol)
3. New Chronic (Conscious Route, Onetzu & Blasfima Sinna, produced by DJ Pryzmat)
4. Middle East (Blasfima Sinna, produced by Tragic Pro)
5. Woke Up On The Wrong Side (Novelistt, Blasfima Sinna & Conscious Route produced by J- Short)
6. Wastelands (Dillahman, Big Dutty Deeze & Conscious Route, produced by Sean El)
7. Wi Yi For Life (Jordan Butler, produced by Jim Beats)
8. Struck (Bone Def, Megan Tait, Ruth Riley & Conscious Route, produced by Strut)
9. Concrete Amazon (Conscious Route, Blasfima Sinna & Jee4ce, produced by Mikey Blues)
10. Preach (Suus, Onezu & Conscious Route, produced by Akira/Sean El)
11. Some Don’t Find (Conscious Route & Hansi Mcee, produced by DJ Sonny)
12. Hoe Jazz (Kayce One, Nity Gritz, Conscious Route & Blasfima Sinna, produced by Strut)
13. Reflect (Werd, MBP & Conscious Route, produced by Scant Squad)
14. High Tip (Conscious Route & Megan Tait, produced by Strut)
15, About to Blow (Conscious Route, Dillahman & Blasfima Sinna, produced by Seal El)
16. Tronic (Blasfima Sinna, St & Conscious Route, produced by Fader)
17. Kill that Spliff (Conscious Route & Blasfima Sinna, produced by Konnsky)

Production by Sean El (Pareletic universe) Tragic Pro (Pareletic universe), DJ Sokol (Pareletic universe), Akira, DJ Pryzmat, Jim Beats, Strut (Master System/ Ghost Groove Records),  Mikey Blues, DJ Sonny (Perfect Pactice), Scant Squad, DJ Konnsky, J Short, Fader (CatchKlick Emceez).

You have 2 choices. Either Stream online via the player below, or vouch for the download HERE. Or both. Whichever you please, this is a free and dope release so take full advantage.