Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Stanley Odd - Oddvent

There are few things i look forward to at Christmas time, mostly old people slipping on ice. It's not because they have fallen and hurt themselves, it's mainly due to the fact it just looks great.

I also look forward to the Stanley Oddvent calendar which in the month of December is always something to look forward to.

New and exclusive video's, Remixes, competition, even some behind the scenes sillyness which is always great to see.

So far it's day 4 but i urge you to try your best and check every few days at the very least as you will be rewarded.


Heres what we have so far.

See how many club names you can spot from Glasgow & Edinburgh

 Remix of "Get Out Ma Headspace" by Toni Smoke

There is also a competition which you will be able to find at the side of the blog.

Thanks and enjoy the Oddvent