Thursday, 20 December 2012

Monkey Puzzle - Square One (Project Info)

Monkey Puzzle have released an EP entitled "Square1" a great introduction to the punk/rap band.

If you are a fan of Stanley Odd, Hector Bizerk & The Lafontaines you are sure to like this.

Below are all the tracks from the Extended Player along with Conor from the bands thoughts and stories behind the music created.

Please have a read and go ahead and download the EP.

1. Butt Chug ft Alec
Well this isn't really a track but more of an intro. The audio came from a video I took from the original bassist’s 18th birthday where him, our drummer, our guitarist and our friend Alec were discussing what they called a "Butt Chug", which pretty much explains itself. When putting together the EP we wanted to have snippets of us outside the music, having fun, banter etc, something I've personally always quite enjoyed hearing in albums.

2. Life Isn't Tough The intro to this song is actually a cover of the Halo theme, no real reason we just love Halo! I wrote the lyrics to this song about 3 years ago and it was one of the first rap songs I ever wrote/recorded but I felt it never sounded right until the others put their music behind it. Lyrically this song's all about being care free and young, embracing youth and trying to just look on the bright side a bit. Musically we wanted an up beat vibe going on with a kind of summery feeling to take you back to warm days in the park with your mates.

3. Nothing's Free
This is another song I wrote a while back but felt it wasn't right until used with the band.
The lyrics in the verses revolve mostly around personal reflection as well as a realization of life through older more experienced eyes. The third verse concludes with a thank you to the bad and good experiences in my life, as I wouldn't be the person I am now without them. The overall message being, you always have to pay in some way to end up as the person you are. Musically when working on this track we wanted to play a little with break downs and more instrumental sections, we wrote the break down after the chorus to switch it up a bit and make everything that bit more exciting.

4. Flow With Me
Flow with Me is by far one of our favorite tracks to perform together. When we began making this track we wanted to make a song that pretty much, sounded badass. Lyrically the song is quite boastful and full of attitude, taking pot shots at over played indie music and generic indie bands. This song differs from the others because I didn't write a chorus, instead we decided to keep it as an instrumental break as to not over do it on vocals. At the end we have a quiet build up to a big finale, mostly for live reasons and to incite some mosh violence!

5. Untitled ft Bob Gibb
Originally we started calling the track Untitled because we hadn't thought up a name for it, something we always planned to do, but as time went on it just sort of stuck. Whenever we came up with a title it either sounded strange, or we were just referring to it as Untitled anyway. This is probably the most depressing and deep song on the EP. It revolves around a character dealing with stress and depression in a monotonous modern day life style. From attempts on his own life, to his total disillusion with humanity and religious concepts. The lyrics were inspired by my journeys to college and seeing the same people going to the same place everyday for years. For the chorus we wanted to have something epic and melodic. Our guitarist wrote the chorus and came up with the melody but when recording we found none of us were very confident singers. We asked our friend Bob Gibb to lay down the vocals for us temporarily in the recording and it definitely gave us the feeling we wanted for the track. Musically we also wanted this song to reflect the emotion of the lyrics as well as have it build up to the epic chorus.

6. Junky Punch/Hidden song
The name says it all! This song was just fun to make and to play, Our drummer is mad into metal and punk etc and wanted to get let loose on a fast paced tune with a massive break down in the middle. Lyrically it sticks with the name. This is a hype tune! all attitude, threats and drink! One to get folk jumping with the breakdown leading into one final chorus for extra carnage! Punk rap shit!
The hidden song, if people get that far, is a wee extra kind of outro, which is simply the audio from a video of myself, the bassist and the drummer (who is playing guitar) being drunk. We basically free-styled a song about summer days and being with friends. It got included cause thats what our band was always about, enjoying the music, having a laugh and having a drink!