Sunday, 16 December 2012

Kico TV (Interview)

Kico TV offers Hip Hop/Grime/Blues/ Rap Music plus Music Video Productions to artist throughout East London. The Kico TV, which is located in 1049 New Ham Way E65JL East Ham (London), was set up in 2012 and the owners are Producer Furious Production and Music Video Director Trophy over 10 years of experience in the Music and Videos Production business.

Kico TV aims to supply local and international musicians with a professional Hip Hop Beats, Recording Studio , Creative Music Videos, Mixing and Mastering of Songs. High Definition Video Cameras guarranties the best high quality videos. The experienced Producer and Music Director creates Radio Friendly Hit Beats and Channel AKA plus MTV Quality Music Videos for artists EP, Mix Tapes, Singles and Albums. The service is designed to support Unsigned UK Musicians, UK Grime and Hip Hop Rappers every time.

Including documentaries, live shows, animation, the music production and videos created by the company are ideal for musicians. Available at Kico TV studio, the products are music video, beats production, mixing and mastering high quality songs.

So we sat down with Trophy at Kico TV and had a chat.

1.      What is Kico Tv all about? 

(A)   Kico TV is an Audio/ Video Production Company based in East Ham East London

2.      When was KicoTV started? 

(A)   Kico TV started April of this year, but we have been in audio/video production for more than 5 years.

3.      What made you start KicoTV and Spit Fire?  

(A)  I was inspired to start Spit-Fire as a platform by which unsigned artist can express themselves raw & uncut.    

4.      Who runs KicoTv?  

(A) Kico TV is owned by Producer "Furious Production" and Video Director "Trophy"
5.      What is Spit Fire? 

(A) Spit-Fire is a No Hold Barred Hot Lyrics Spitting Studio Showdown

6.      How is Spit Fire relevant to Scottish Artists? 

(A) Spit-Fire is relevant to all UK artists. Our aim is to showcase various musicians from all over Britain. We are currently in talks with Madhat  to feature on a Spit-Fire. 

7.      How is what you do any different to what other people already do? 

(A)  All the beats on Spit-Fire are our original produced beats, Spit-Fire audio quality is better than most because we mix and master all Spit-Fire audio's. Our Spit-Fire Videos are also well edited and are all HD quality.

8.      How many artists have you had recording at the studio? 

(A) Over 40 artists from different genres of music i.e rap,rnb,grime,soul and hiphop

9.      Who was the first artist you had recording? 

(A) We have recorded a lot of artist but i think the first artist we recorded in our new studio was S.R.G an up and coming rapper from East London

10.  Who are you having in to record in the near future? 

(A) There's a lot of artist we would love to either produce beats for or shot a music video for but at the moment we are focus on building our brand name and see who we work with in the future.

11.  What do you hope to achieve from KicoTV and Spit Fire? 

(A) We are very realist in terms of what we want to achieve, when we started Spit-Fire our aim  was to achieve 500 views in a month but currently our videos are getting more than that in 2 weeks, so in a way we are over achieving and getting a reasonable recognition.

12.  Do you have many viewers? 

(A) we started the channel VIEW HERE 2 months ago and our videos are currently getting nearly a 1000 views in 2 weeks. We are marketing Kicotv & Spit-Fire aggressively so the views will continue to raise rapidly.

13.  Have you ever had any mainstream names in the studio? 

(A) We have worked previously with artists like Labrinth, on a different project ,we've had Krept and Konan spit on our beats and we are positive with the demand for our beats that a lot of mainstream arts will be lining up soon.

14.  How can KicoTV and Scotland Standup work together in helping up and coming artists? 

(A) Kico TV & Scotland Stand Up can help up and coming UK  musicians by getting them on Spit-Fire so that they can reach a wider audience outside of their local demographics.