Friday, 7 December 2012

Kamihamiha - We are all magicians EP (Preview)

Kamihamiha has kindly given me an exclusive listen to the new EP. I was sitting trying to think of a smart phrase to bring it all together and sum the release up.  I'm simply going to use the term "FUCK ME!". This is such a mashup of genres, Metal, Dubstep & Electro, all brought together with mcing from Kamihamiha and some guests. Lyrics are on point and focus on the non mainstream for the most part which is completely up my street. LIZARDS.
I can't wait for this to be released properly and injected forcefully into the ears of the masses. It's such a great release.

He also gave me a preview of 2 tracks also set for future release featuring Supa Jme & Lyrical Overdose.

First track was entitled "(Con)fidence" featuring Lyrical Overdose. This is a bit of a laid back dubstep track featuring the vocals of Kamihamiha and Lyrical overdose. Some great strings, heavy drum kit, not too heavy as well which allows focus on the lyrics. I haven't heard of lyrical overdose before but love his sound.

Second track features Supa Jme entitled "We the people will not be chipped". Taking it back to the old skool. Love this track which shows Kamihamiha's versatility as a vocalist, alongside Supa Jme's seasoned flow. Supa Jme is one to watch. Produced by Crookefella, lovin that beat

Keep up the good work bro. Sick releases to come from Kamihamiha and i look forward to them.

Bring on the fucking Lizards.