Sunday, 16 December 2012

Bigg Taj & Spee 69 Vlogs

Bigg Taj & Spee 69 are of course 2 huge names in the scene up here in sunny Scotland, it's good to see little vlogs now and again from emcee's i follow as a little insight into the behind the scenes.

Here are 2 vlogs the first is a little behind the scenes and live performance video of the guys supporting legends in the game EPMD at The Arches in Glasow.

Have a listen to the new track from the upcoming project from Spee and Taj. The beat is a banger.

Next video concentrates on the Immortal Tecnique gig with a special appearance from Posion Pen and Swave Sevah during the sound check. Also a special impromptu fuckabout with Technique's DJ.