Saturday, 10 November 2012

Blasfima Sinna

Blasfima sinna aka DJ U-Turn a Scottish DJ and MC, having been performing behind the decks for over 10 years and becoming the Scottish 2005 DMC champion. He started recording raps in 2005 with Hudson Mohawk AKA Itchy, in 2006 he started using the name Blasfima Sinna. He then formed the rap group Evil Residents with fellow Scottish MCs Riddlah UvBeatz and Madhat McGore. I had first heard his tracks when he was signed to MCF records in 2009, he then left in 2010 but continued recording. He has over 9 releases so far including two with MCF, four with S.O.S and Three with You-Sonix Records, aswell as having Capital Letters 2 on the way. After leaving MCF he then released The Medici Project with Nasty P. My favourite tracks from Blasfima Sinna are Middle East, Daily Dose, See No Hear No Speak No Evil featuring Werd and Conscious Route. His tracks are well liked from there unique sound with his cuts and lyrical skill. He now Part owns You-Sonix Records with DJ Pryzmat and other supporters. 12 Time 4 mind was his first release on You-Sonix Records and he continues to work closely with Conscious Route and award winning Werd. Blasfima Sinna has collaborated with many different MCs including Madhat McGore, Werd, Nity Gritz, Riddlah UvBeatz, Wardie Burns and many more.