Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Riddlah UvBeatz

Stonez The Riddlah AKA UvBeatz is one of the most well-known and well respected MCs in Scottish hip hop, he has been making beats and rapping for over 10 years and was part of the group Dark Rumors with fellow Scottish MC Madhat McGore, who has performed at T in the Park and supported big acts such as Devlin and Sway onstage. Riddlah was also in the group Twisted Methods with Edinburgh born MC Wardie Burns and former Scottish DMC champion DJ U-Turn aka Blasfima Sinna. He was also in the group Evil Residents with Madhat McGore, Blasfima Sinna and MC Dandy, he has worked closely with MCF, Powercut Productions, Savage Sound System, Steg G, Sons of Scotland and more. Riddlah has many releases so far including UvBeatz volume 1 to 3 and the StonezTheRiddlah EP part 1 and 2. Riddlah has also had various radio plays including Subcity radio and was on radio one with Madhat performing tracks from the Theophilus Carter LP. He also fully produced Wardie Burns’ debut album Oor Wardie, he is currently working on his debut album The Sound Of UvBeatz. Riddlah Performed his track “Rollin” at the Scottish Modified Car Show with Wardie Burns. He has made many beats for various Scottish MCs including one for Werd debut album Untitled Scot and also produced a track with Madhat for European and WBO champion Edinburgh born Boxer “Amazing” Alex Arthur. Riddlah is not only a great producer but an excellent performer when onstage and has also battled Chad The Lad at a Don’t Flop Event. Stonez The Riddlah is and will continue to be one of the best artists in Scottish hip hop.