Thursday, 8 March 2012

Vagabonds After-Birth by Werd and Wardie Burns

Just like the first Vagabonds release, Vagabonds After-Birth wasn’t a planned release but more the tracks together that were left over. Even though it wasn’t planned this 20 track LP is still a great release from Werd and Wardie Burns, other artists also featuring on this LP are Deeko, Riddlah, Madhat McGore, Blasfima Sinna, Nity Gritz and Don V. As we have come to expect from great artists like Werd and Wardie all the tracks on here are high quality with great lyrics and good continuous flow and beats from some of the best Scottish producers including Cbas, Scant Squad, Riddlah UvBeatz, Toni Smoke, Zambian Astronaut and many more. My favourite tracks on this LP are Get Down On It, where they sampled Kasabian, Begun featuring Madhat McGore and Forever featuring Blasfima Sinna, Riddlah UvBeatz and Nity Gritz. This is one of the best LPs I have heard so far in 2012, this contains some of the best MCs in Scotland and definitely deserves a download.