Thursday, 8 March 2012

UvBeatz Recordings 3 Medication Part 2 LP by Riddlah UvBeatz

Medication Volume 2 is a 19 track follow up LP from Medication Volume 1 release by Riddlah UvBeatz. This release features a lot of the best MCs in Scotland including Werd, Madhat McGore, Cal, Deeko, Blasfima Sinna, Bright Sparks, Jee4ce, Silvertongue, Big Taj and many more.  Just like The Medication Volume 1 this follows the same theme of medicine throughout. Each track is different and that makes this LP even better than the one that came before. All the tracks are top quality and it was hard to choose but Exceed the Dose featuring Blasfima Sinna and Werd, Fear featuring G.L.A and Chad The Lad and The Effect with Jee4ce and Madhat McGore. As its come to be expected from someone like the Riddlah, who is as highly respected by everyone in the scene, as both a great rapper and beatmaker. All Scottish hip hop fans should have this downloaded, as well as many other releases from one of the best, well known and greatly respected MCs around. Riddlah frequently performs at gigs in Edinburgh and Glasgow and everyone should go and see him perform.