Thursday, 8 March 2012

Speech Syndicate by KevyBoii and Ill Az

The Speech Syndicate is a new 10 track release from KevyBoii and Ill Az. Both are part of the MC group Livi MCs. This is a very good listen as it combines KevyBoii’s aggressive lyrics and flow with Ill Az’s lyrics, All the tracks on here have been worked on hard by both people, not just on the lyrics but also on the beats as well. Each track is a little different but they all fit their style. My favourite tracks on this are Stand Up and Constant Debate; these two are both exciting rappers and have worked on a quite a few tracks together. They have also worked with other artists outside the LiviMCs such as Nity Gritz, Wee D, Gup and many more, and will most likely continue to work with other great artists, Livi MCs are also going to be doing a gig in Livingston, the first hip hop gig to be held there in over 2 decades. I can’t wait to see this gig and what these guys bring out next.