Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Quarantine 2 the Half Rhyme by Blasfima Sinna

Quarantine 2 the Half Rhyme Album was another solo release by Blasfima Sinna in 2011, this time he had left MCF records and gone solo. Just like in the first Quarantine most of the beats were his own, except for some excellent beats by great beatmakers. The beat for Guilty Pleasures is a Grimey/Dubstep beat made by S.O.S DJ and well known beatmaker Cbas and Nasty P made the Inner Focus and Just Keep beats. The tracks on her, just like the Tracks on Quarantine are different from his usual kind of beats, but this experimental hip hop works great. Favourite tracks on this are Guilty Pleasure and Linear Focuz, I think Linear Focuz is a great track with nice fitting lyrics and a perfect beat for this different style of track. I recommend people should hear this as it’s a great album. Also keep an eye out for Quarantine 3 the Quarter Rhyme out soon.