Thursday, 8 March 2012

Nowadays EP by Conscious Route and Werd

The Nowadays EP is a collaboration from Werd S.O.S and Conscious Route C.C.F, it was released in 2011/2012. Also featured on this release are artists such as Jordan Butler, Deeko and Wardie Burns. All the Tracks were mastered by Jake Diaby from Red Planet Studio. Each track shows just how great Conscious Route and Werd are and how well they work together. My favourite tracks on here are Nowadays, Ah Swear featuring Edinburgh artist Jordan Butler and Understand featuring Wardie Burns. Both Werd and Conscious Route bring their own styles together in this collaboration and they have proved that they can bring a high quality EP out together, they proved it again with a collaboration EP with Blasfima Sinna titled Hear no See no Speak no Evil also brought out this year. I can’t wait to see who Conscious Route works with next as it will no doubt be great. People should download this and listen to it straight away.