Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Medici by Blasfima Sinna, produced by Nasty P


Medici is an excellent listen from Blasfima Sinna and Nasty P. all track are good with a nice flow and lyrics, favourite tracks on here are Rat Race and Renaissance Rap. It combines good lyrics and flow from Blasfima Sinna, knowledge of Renaissance Italy and of course good beats from Nasty P. Nasty P has worked with and continues to work with many other prominent Scottish MCs such as Riddlah UvBeatz, Madhat McGore, Profisee and many more. He has also had one of his videos played on MTV. Medici is a well written EP and definately worth hearing, it wont disappoint, its cear how much hard work was put in by both Blasfima Sinna and Nasty P