Thursday, 29 March 2012

Inside Tony Tee

Hello, my name is Tony White - known by the artist name Tony Tee. I have been writing and making music from the early age of 14 and four years later I still find it my greatest passion. I focus most on the music genre of Scottish Hip Hop. Currently I live in Glasgow - Easterhouse area where I was born and have been raised. I choose to keep my past experience and younger years influenced in my music so I can reach out to people who are in a similar environment. My purpose to start making Hip Hop music was based on my struggles at school and the problems I faced as a teenager. Having nowhere to turn, I felt that writing my life down would make the process of getting through it easier. I never expected to fall in love with the music and never believed that it would become more than just a hobby. In 2010 I released an 11 track mixtape project which was my first release in my 4 years of making music. This was called 'The Rise Up Project'. At the moment I am working on a 6 track EP which Is going to be called 'The Darker Half Ep'. This project is going to be based on the half of my life in the darkness with my struggles and how I overcome them. I am also hoping to release a 17 track album at the end of 2012 named 'Miss Represented'. This project will be based on a girls full life from life till death and in between. Another thing I am looking to do is expand my fan base outside Glasgow and maybe even Scotland by participating in rap battle events which take place at venues around Scotland and doing some gigs with other local artists. I would like to thank my family for all the support and motivation and to every listener who has clicked play to any of my songs. If it was not for you this would not be possible. At this point of time I have two places where you can find my music which are SoundCloud and Youtube, links will be added at the end. There is Lots of big things to come from Glasgow Hip Hop and we can only push it forward. My aim is to put Easterhouse and Glasgow on the map and get some recognition as they are my home town. Stay Tuned. peace.

Tony Tee

Link's. Mixtape ( and future project's )
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