Thursday, 29 March 2012

Hip Hop Ruined My Life by Wee D

Hip hop ruined my life is a 22 release of Shadowpeople MC and battler Wee D. This was produced by Toni Smoke. This album includes features by Nity Gritz, KayceOne, both are also Shadowpeople, also featuring on the album are Wardie Burns and Pui Ling. Some of the beats for this album came from producers such as Boydy, Scant Squad and Kid Kutz, Cain also produced some of the tracks on this. This is a great listen which combines the good lyrics and wordplay that has become expected of Wee D, the good beats to go with it and also the unique concept. The concept is the result of putting everything into something and getting nothing back. My favourite tracks on this are Breathe Easy and Mythology. This album is a great download for any Scottish hip hop fans. Wee D is a great MC and crowd favourite as both a battler and performer.