Sunday, 11 March 2012

Gingers Have Souls by Jee4ce and produced by Show N Prove

Gingers Have Souls is a 12 track EP released by Irish MC Jee4ce, Jee4ce is also part of Dead Set Gemini D.S.G. The other artists that feature on this EP are Madhat McGore, Ultimate Warrior and Deezy Doubles who is also part of D.S.G. In this EP Jee4ce uses a lot of samples mentioning ginger people including cuts from South Park. The EP is very well put together with beats from beatmakers such as Sert One, Father Jack and Show N Prove, Show N Prove have also made beats for other great MCs such as Madhat McGore, USG and many more big artists. My favourite tracks on the EP are I Feel like Dying featuring Madhat McGore, Think Too Much Featuring Deezy and produced by Show N Prove and Age To Age which was produced by Sert One. This is a great album that people should definitely download and listen to this; Jee4ce is a talented MC who has worked with many great artists such as Riddlah UvBeatz, Madhat McGore and many more.