Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Dazed and Diffused by Zayn

Dazed and diffused is the recent Mixtape of Standup Recordz signed Zayn, also signed to Standup Recordz are MCs such as Ratson, Nity Gritz and more, the Dazed and Diffused Mixtape has features from well-known artist such as Nity Gritz, Louie, KayceOne and Ratson to name a few. That coupled with great beats from 17 year old David Ross, Oldeboy, Amaar Azaan and Young Gifted and Black, as well as instrumental samples make this a great Mixtape to hear. The tracks that stand out to me the most are Griptight; the beat was taken from a Nujabes instrumental, Whatever She Demands and Stencils featuring Nity Gritz. This is a good Mixtape and definitely worth hearing, I look forward to his next work.