Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Alphabetics by KayceOne and Toni Smoke

Alphabetics is the recent release of one of Scotland's best and most lyrically talented MCs in the scene just now, KayceOne. KayceOne has come a long way since he started as both a performer and as a battle rapper, he is not someone to sleep on. Alphabetics is a 16 track release for which Toni Smoke almost all the beats but mastered all the tracks. Toni Smoke is also the DJ for hip hop group ShadowPeople, members of ShadowPeople are Nity Gritz, KayceOne, Toni Smoke, R.S.T, Wee D and Soul. The singing on this LP was done by Becca Star. My favourite tracks on here are District 19, Mr Writer and FootPrints Remix. In FootPrints Remix he has used a good bouncy Drum N Bass track which works perfectly with both KayceOnes lyrics and Becca Starr's singing. I suspect many other Scottish MCs may start using Drum N Bass tracks aswell based on how well it worked for KayceOne. I look forward to the ShadowPeople album out this year, i also look forward to seeing KayceOne performing onstage and at battle events. He is one of the most exciting MCs that take to the stage and always gets the crowd going.