Thursday, 8 March 2012

7 by Swad and MacKenzie

7 is an EP released by Deadlife MCs Swad and MacKenzie, this is a good 7 track release, with all the beats made by MacKenzie himself. The Deadlife is one of the best known hip hop groups in Scotland; its members include Louie, GBH, Gupsie, Swad, MacKenzie, Erin Freil, Naomi Kerr, Tesko and DJ B Good. Swad and MacKenzie do most of the tracks themselves with the exception of track 7 titled Samurai. This track features Louie, Gupsie, Deva One, GBH and Wee D, that and Swad and MacKenzie makes 7 MCs on the 7th track on an EP called 7, this is a well thought of concept. All the tracks on the EP are very good and well worth hearing, but Samurai and Heaven stand out above the others. People should definitely download this EP and hear it for themselves.